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Announcing Pi Wars USA Robotics Competition

Alane Butler

The first ever Pi Wars USA will be presented by Achievement House Cyber Charter School and will take place at Collegium Charter School on June 3, 2017.  

Traditionally, Pi Wars challenges have been hosted overseas, drawing hundreds of international participants. The single day event is open to public, private, charter, parochial and even home schooled students in grades 6-12. Pi Wars USA competitors, will use Raspberry Pi controlled robots to participate in non-destructive challenges similar to previous events overseas. Prizes will be awarded in each skill-level category for each challenge.

Students can build their robots individually or as teams and must program their robot to compete in specific competition challenges like popping a balloon tied to another competitor’s robot or testing the speed and agility of the robot through an obstacle course.

 “Bringing Pi Wars to the US is an incredible accomplishment,” said Don Asplen, CEO of AHCCS who is the driving force behind the event. “We are inviting students from all schools to participate and be a part of this historic event, and to also help grow local interest in robotics, STEM and computer science.”

In 2015 alone, it was estimated that 600,000 high paying tech jobs went unfilled in the United States. Additionally, projections indicate that by 2018, 51% of all STEM jobs will be in the computer science field. Robotics clubs or competitions can be a fun way for educators to address the growing demand for teaching science, technology, engineering and math in schools. These activities better prepares students to enter the 21st century workforce, rich with technology based jobs.