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How Cyber School Helps Students Who Have Been Bullied

Alane Butler

When a student is bullied, it sometimes feels like there is no escape. From hallways and locker rooms, to the school bus, teachers and administrators at traditional brick and mortar schools can’t protect 100% of their students 100% of the time. For student who feels this trapped, school can turn into a place they don’t want to be. To escape a relentless bully, some students turn to cyber education, which offers families a safe learning environment - from the comfort of their own home. During National Bullying Prevention Month, we look at some of the ways our guidance team helps students who are new to AHCCS transition and recover from bullying behavior.

Kristina Botes, is a middle school counselor at AHCCS, and the head of the mentoring department. AHCCS a full time school counseling department who provide the very same counseling and support services you would find in a traditional brick and mortar school. In a cyber environment, counselors keep in contact with their students over the phone and on the computers. They also conduct home visits if necessary, building relationships between the family and the school and making sure they have a successful transition to cyber education.

For a student who comes to AHCCS after being bullied in a traditional environment, Ms. Botes and the rest of the staff are mindful that AHCCS students come from a variety of complex environments. Even if a student does not cite bullying as a reason for choosing cyber education, her team can pinpoint when things may have started to turn just by looking at a transcript – a decrease in grades, truancy or attendance issues all point to a child who maybe did not want to spend time in school or in an environment where they did not feel safe. After students come to AHCCS she often sees their achievement levels return to normal, since they no longer have to worry about running into a bully in the cafeteria or on the bus ride home. In the cyber environment students can focus on what they are being taught and get the education they deserve.

Ms. Botes saw these exact signs in her own daughter, Jaiden after entering their local district middle school. By the time she got to 7th grade, there were days when her daughter complained of headaches or stomach aces, but when she stayed home, the ailments seemed to disappear.  When Jaiden’s grades started to slip, she finally admitted there was a bully in the school - everything clicked and the family decided to try out AHCCS. Now, Jaiden is in 11th grade and has flourished immensely, her grades have bounced back, and she is currently enrolled in higher level math and AP courses!

Think cyber school might be a good fit for you? Learn more about why other students chose Achievement House Cyber Charter School today!