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Get to know Neal Thomas, High School Principal!

Alane Butler

As we kick off the school year, we welcome Mr. Neal Thomas to the team at AHCCS. Many of you may already know Mr. Thomas, as he has served as our schools health sciences and physical education teacher for seven years! Mr. Thomas was lead teacher and department head, and now moves into an administrative role as he starts his eighth year teaching at AHCCS. Get to know Mr. Thomas below:

Where did you go to school and what did you major in?

I received my Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from West Chester University, and working towards my Masters in Middle School Science from Wilkes University. I also have a certificate to teach technology for grades K-12.

What did you do before working at Achievement House?

I was a physical education teacher at a brick and mortar school, but in 2005, learned more about cyber schools. At the time, cyber schools were still a new thing, but I liked the idea of being on the cutting edge of education and taught technology in a cyber school before coming to Achievement House in 2010. I also have almost a decade of coaching experience in high school softball and have also coached baseball, basketball and even a little bit of football.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

By the time I was in high school, I already knew I wanted to be a health and PE teacher, but before that I thought about becoming an architect.

What is your life like outside of Achievement House?

Outside of school and work, I enjoy spending time with my family, where we live just south of Lancaster, PA. My children are very involved in sports so I am always at practice or games. Right now, in the fall we are balancing volleyball for my daughter and football for my son. In the spring, that turns into softball and lacrosse. I like to stay active and I’m always up for a game of pickup basketball or hockey.  

What was your most recent vacation?

My family took an epic road trip this summer. We piled in the car and headed to El Paso Texas, almost 2,000 miles from our home in Pennsylvania. Along the way we stopped in Nashville, New Orleans, Houston, and San Antonio, visiting a bunch of different sites along the way and spending time in each new city.

What is the most used app on your phone?

Words With Friends – I actually keep it on my tablet because if it was on my phone I think I would play it all the time!

What is your advice for the class of 2018?

Do your very best to prepare yourself for the future – whatever that may mean for you. Finishing an SAT prep course, applying to colleges, and getting a diploma are all important steps so you can move on to the next level of education, join the work force, or get into the college of your choice. With that in mind, I always tell students that getting to graduation day is important, but it’s not just about making it there. They need to look beyond that to the rest of their lives, and AHCCS is here to help them reach whatever goals they have.  I am very excited to help students and succeed in my new role!

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