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Rising Senior Takes Her Knowledge of Technology Overseas

Julia DeBald

     Most of us would love to leave the country for a family getaway, but imagine being requested to! That is what happened to rising senior, Kennedy Khan-El. When her mom received a letter in the mail inviting Kennedy to the EF Educational Tours Global Leadership Summit in Berlin, Germany due to her outstanding grades and conduct, she knew it was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed.

     “I was picked from over thousands of other students due to having straight A’s, which was a requirement to attend the summit,” says Kennedy. “What really led me to be interested in the summit was getting to learn more about technology since I am always on my phone. At first, I was nervous because I often doubt myself and thought that I wouldn’t be able to be as smart as the other kids there, but then I truly understood that I was just like them.

     The purpose of the summit was to teach young teens about the structure of technology and how they can use technology to improve the world. This gave Kennedy and the other attendees the chance to not only learn but also tap into their creativity. While Kennedy had the opportunity to tour Amsterdam and then Berlin where the summit took place, the different sessions she attended each day with various speakers and activities was the true highlight.

     “Each session tied back to the actual topic of technology, such as building robots and inventions that can change the world! Some of the topics included self-confidence and how you need to follow your heart and your dreams, and to never feel like there is a dumb or wrong invention.”

     One particular topic that really caught Kennedy’s attention was discussing how inventions are brought to life. She got the sense that students often become discouraged because they feel as if they are going to give a wrong answer. This reassured her that there is no wrong answer when you’re being creative.

     “One thing that was most beneficial to me personally was when the founder of Facebook talked about how when people tell you no or tell you your answer is stupid, you have to have confidence because the more no’s you hear, the closer you are to hearing a yes.”

     While Kennedy is still unsure about her career path, she expressed how the summit brought her to life and gave her a great deal of self-confidence. Congratulations, Kennedy! Everyone here at AHCCS is so proud of you!