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Eniyah Cooper 1 Edited Again

Young Mother Beats the Odds

Julia DeBald
Eniyah Cooper 2 Edited

At AHCCS, we understand that in such a busy, technology-driven world, not all students can learn in a traditional classroom environment. We believe students need a personal, supportive, and flexible learning environment to truly succeed. Whether students need to balance schoolwork with personal responsibilities such as work, family, or community involvement, AHCCS allows students to create their school schedules in accordance with their lives.

Eniyah Cooper, a twenty-year-old student and an amazing mother to two young boys, is one of our students who has thrived throughout her time at AHCCS.

After taking some time off from school for a few years, Eniyah enrolled with AHCCS and quickly became known for her determination, which is beyond anything we have experienced from a young mom. She is part of our Young Parents Alliance Club and is referred to as “a superstar” by one of the club’s advisors, Mrs. Harris.

Since her sons and academics profoundly influence her life, Eniyah did her Grad Project on potty training her two-year-old son. Mrs. Kern, her mentor, said it was one of her favorite Grad Projects she has seen during her time at AHCCS. Despite sometimes struggling to find a balance between school and motherhood, Eniyah gave every assignment her all, from the first to the last, and has successfully met all her requirements to graduate! Eniyah recently graduated from AHCCS on Saturday, June 16th. 

Eniyah wants to make her sons proud because they are the driving forces in her life. She currently has a job, but was recently offered a new job that requires a diploma since graduating high school. She also hopes to enroll in a local tech school for student Dentistry in the future.

Through Eniyah’s gratitude and her ability to embrace the support and encouragement she has received from AHCCS, we believe she will have great success in her future. We can’t wait to see what Eniyah’s future holds. Congratulations, Eniyah!