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Dr. Timothy Daniels, Ed.D., has been recognized for his many years of service and his devotion to improving the Commonwealth’s standard of education and the lives of Pennsylvania youth.

The CEO of Achievement House Cyber Charter School, Dr. Daniels has recently received awards from the PA Legislative Black Caucus, the City of Philadelphia, a South Philadelphia church, and Congressmen Robert Brady.

Dr. Daniels received the Award of Excellence for Leadership in Supervision and Curriculum Development as well as the Trailblazer Award and National Flag of Excellence from the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus. He was commended by Caucus Chairwoman and state Representative Vanessa Lowery Brown for his “wisdom, experience and genuine concern for students and their education.”

Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia awarded Dr. Daniels a citation for his “advocacy on behalf of the youth of our communities and for his support of new technology in furthering educational programs.” Mayor Nutter also referred to the recognition Dr. Daniels received at the New Temple Baptist Church of South Philadelphia for his “contributions, achievements, and support provided to the Philadelphia community.”

Lastly, U.S. Congressman Robert Brady presented Dr. Daniels with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for his outstanding and invaluable service to the community.

These awards honor Dr. Daniels’ rich experience in education that spans from teaching in the classroom to serving in the state Department of Education. His lifelong accomplishments have focused on meeting the educational needs of all students. Under Dr. Daniels’ leadership, Achievement House Cyber Charter School, a non-profit, self-managed, and state-authorized cyber charter school has become a leading innovator in integrating an engaging online learning program with cutting-edge technology to enable students to succeed in a technology-driven world. Most recently, Dr. Daniels has focused on opening Resource Centers across the state where students are welcome to attend their live virtual classes and complete assignments in a safe, supportive environment.

Dr. Daniels expressed gratitude for these awards: “It is an honor to serve the families and students of Pennsylvania and an equal honor to be recognized for my efforts. Children are the greatest assets for their families and the whole community. Preparing students to succeed in life continues to be a challenging and worthy goal. Thank you to Congressman Brady, the PA Legislative Black Caucus, Mayor Nutter, and the New Temple Baptist Church of South Philadelphia.”

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