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10 Tips Series

10 Tips on How to Best Support Your Child’s Online Learning

Julia DeBald

1. Connect with your student’s teachers!

Ask your student to review his or her schedule with you so you can reach out his or her teachers when necessary. Adding your student’s mentor and homeroom coach to your phone’s contact list will give you easy access to individuals who can help answer your questions.

2. Attend your parent orientation!

Learning about the resources you have as a parent will help you better serve your student and aid in their success.

3. Help your student create a designated work space!

Reducing distractions can help your student concentrate on his or her schoolwork.

4. Help your student come up with a consistent schedule!

Having a daily routine such as setting an alarm to wake up at the same time every morning will allow your student to stay organized and on track.

5. Help your student create a daily to-do list!

Every day, students should log in and log out of Schoology, attend live class or watch class recordings and complete the day’s assignments. 

6. Have a daily check-in time with your student!

Once a day, connect with your student to review what they have accomplished so far and what still needs to be completed before the end of the school day.

7. Make sure the school issued equipment is in working order! 

Encourage your student to call our 24-hour help desk support if something goes wrong with his or her computer.

8. Encourage your student to attend the Drop-In Center!

If your student needs help with a specific class, remind him or her that teachers are eager to give support in this once a week help session.

9. Become familiar with the school calendar! 

Posting a printout of the calendar or having the school calendar magnet on your fridge allows you to be reminded of important meetings, when school is not in session, and state testing days.

10. Review your student’s grades!

Log in with your student once a week to see his or her current grades and remember that teachers are always available for a conference at your request.