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Senior Shoutouts 2020 Blog Image Day 2

2020 Senior Shoutouts: MaKenzie Mueller and Sarah Delien

Julia DeBald

MaKenzie Mueller

     Graduating senior MaKenzie Mueller could not have been prouder when she was told that she passed her senior project with flying colors. Going in nervous about presenting her experience as a special effects makeup apprentice, she left feeling as though she achieved so much. 

I work at a haunted house in Monongahela called Demon House Haunted Attraction LLC, MaKenzie says. “The owner and his wife, a fellow makeup artist, have taught me everything I know about special effects. After graduation, I plan to take a break year to refine my skills and continue learning through building rooms and sets at Demon House before enrolling in the Tom Savini's Special Effects Program at Douglas Education Center. Someday, I would love to work on movies or TV shows.

     As MaKenzie looks back on her time at Achievement House, she cherishes the bonds she has made with her teachers. She appreciates the jokes they shared as well as the conversations they had that ended in advice and guidance, whether it was for academic or personal reasons. She values being able to have real life discussions with her teachers and not being afraid to talk about things that she might otherwise would not have been able to share in a different school setting. Her Art teacher, Ms. Renninger, tells us what a pleasure it was to have MaKenzie as her student.

MaKenzie has been a creative inspiration to many of her peers in Art club and has grown as an artist throughout her Art 2 course,” Ms. Renninger says. “MaKenzie's talent and passion for the Arts is evident in her work, and her genuine personality and hardworking spirit will carry her to great places in the future!

     Congratulations MaKenzie on all your accomplishments this school year! We wish you great success while you perfect your craft!

Sarah Delien

     Graduating senior Sarah Delien overcame some big obstacles in order to reach the graduation finish line. Even on the days when she felt like she wasn’t going to be able to complete her work, she powered through and did not let these thoughts get the best of her. She feels her greatest success has been her ability to raise her grades and improve her academic standing even during emotionally difficult times. 

I never realized how important it was to simply ask for help!” Sarah says. “I messaged my teachers and made an honest decision to do what I needed to do in order to graduate.

     The support she received from her teachers was overwhelming, particularly the support that came from her homeroom coach, Mr. Williamson. Sarah appreciates how he constantly reminded her of what she is capable of and lifted her spirits when things got hard. His words of encouragement helped her reach her goals, and the connection they shared is something Sarah will always keep close to her heart. 

It was an honor to be a part of her team this year,” Mr. Williamson says. “I reminded her that when you complete your schoolwork, it can feel like scoring points in a game again and again. Every point she scored felt like a point for me as well. She deserved that kind of support and attention.

     Sarah plans to enter the workforce after graduation so she can start saving money, something she hopes will give her the freedom to explore multiple career options. She is still undecided on a career path because it can be difficult to only pick one! Cherish this time in your life, Sarah, and use it to reflect on what you really want. As Mr. Williamson has said, never forget what you’re capable of!