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Pltw Engineering Course Edited

Do you enjoy building and creating new things? How about designing items and making them come to life using a 3D printer? Have you ever tried cutting items out of different types of materials or even personalizing items by engraving them using a laser cutter?  If any of these projects sound interesting to you, check out the new and Improved Innovation STEAM Academy courses we are offering at Achievement House!

One of the exciting courses that is part of Innovation STEAM Academy is the Project Lead The Way Introduction to Engineering Design course. This year long course is part of the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Engineering program, and students will have the opportunity to continue excelling in this program year to year after completing this introductory course. Even though this course is currently only offered at the high school level, PLTW middle school courses will be offered in Spring 2020. If you are in high school and don’t think you're ready to jump into a full year class, we also offer half year classes. These begin with foundational engineering projects so you can better prepare yourself for the full year PLTW Intro to Engineering Design course. 

PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design is a first-year class and the start of a series of full year hands-on engineering classes that will be offered at AHCCS. In this class, students will be using a professional 3D CAD software called Autodesk Inventor to design and create their own items. Using a 3D printer, they will print what they design, which they keep even after the class ends. Autodesk Inventor is a software that is used in the engineering industry, and as part of taking this class, students will have the opportunity to become certified in Inventor if they choose. Imagine earning a professional certification while still in high school! PLTW Master Teacher, Mrs. Katie Mastauskas, speaks more on just how unique this opportunity is. 

The Curriclum for PLTW is incredibly engaging and prepares students for the real-world like nothing I’ve ever seen before. In fact, the CAD software they use in the Introduction to Engineering Design class is the same software that has been used  on the International Space Station. It really is out of this world!

Students will work in teams to solve real world problems by using critical thinking skills and coming up with solutions. Some of the projects done in class involve sling shot instant design challenges, a holiday ornament design competition, building and designing a 3D automata (a-tom-a-ta), and even designing an obstacle for America Ninja Warrior!

Let your creativity soar this year and talk to your guidance counselor today to find out how you can sign up for this course or any of the half year engineering courses. There is still time!

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