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Computer Science Ia Course

Introduction to Computer Science: Your Ticket to 21st Century Skills

Julia DeBald

Did you know 96% of working Americans use new technologies as part of their daily life? Therefore, it’s no surprise that 92% of working Americans use the Internet as an integral part of their jobs. At AHCCS, our goal is to prepare you for the workforce by offering courses that teach 21st century skills. Our full year Introduction to Computer Science course does just that by basing its curriculum on The Internet and Computing Core (IC3) Certification. If you want to have an industry-recognized credential when you graduate, this course is for you! 

Introduction to Computer Science focuses on teaching students how to succeed in any environment requiring the use of computers, other technology devices or the internet. It is designed to be relevant in our ever-evolving world of technology while providing students with the digital tools they need to impress future employers.

Instructor of the course, Ms. Carmela Curatola, has been in the corporate and academic fields using technology and blends her background to provide an authentic educational experience for our students. She tells us why she loves teaching courses that allow students to be challenged while providing the resources to learn new skills.

It’s exciting to be able to witness students make lesson plans come to life and create their own learning experience,” she says. “My goal as the teacher is to facilitate their growth into critical creative thinkers who are effective collaborators and communicators.

Introduction to Computer Science is sectioned into the same three units as the IC3 certification test, making it an ideal tool to prepare students for completing the certification. Pending approval, students will be able to take each part of the test after finishing the same section in their Introduction to Computer Science course. The three parts that both the IC3 certification test and Introduction to Computer Science are comprised of include:

· Computing Fundamentals – Provides a foundational understanding of computers 

· Living Online – Prepares students with skills to work in an Internet-based or networked environment 

· Key Applications – Delivers instruction in all popular word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications in addition to important features of the most common applications. 

Please stay tuned for updates on when students enrolled in Introduction to Computer Science will begin taking the IC3 certification test. Talk to your student’s guidance counselor today to find out how they can take the course that enhances and validates their digital skills while having a certification to show for it!

Questions about this course? Email Ms. Curatola at                        

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