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Top 5 Educational Apps for Parents & Students

Alane Butler

Cyber students spend most of their day on the computer – but sometimes the technology focus shifts to their phones or family tablets. Instead of endlessly scrolling through social media, here are a few great apps to download that can help you and your students from an educational standpoint.

Many of these apps have different levels of difficulty and progress as your child learns.

All of these apps are free to download, but some may contain upgrades or items that can be purchased for real money. Locate the settings on your device before starting to eliminate the possibility of any accidental “in-app” purchases.

  1. Duolingo
    1. Duolingo (and its web based counterpart) works for students at any level who want to learn a new language. This is a free app, so the possibilities aren’t endless, but the basic version does offer a dozen or so of the most popular languages. More experienced learners can take short quizzes to see what they may already know, but the app is also great for beginners of any age. The most advanced students can use the “Immersion” lessons to read articles and websites they frequently visit and those suggested by Duo (a very rare green owl) your language learning guide and app mascot. This is a great complement to any student who is currently in a language class!
  2. Essential Anatomy:
    1. Essential Anatomy gives users a high definition 3D rendering of the entire human anatomy. Students can view 10 different complete systems within our bodies including muscular, skeletal, nervous and more. Created by 3D4Medical, the app makers aim to create immersive learning experiences for everyone from curious test takers to industry professionals. Students interested in the medical field will certainly find this exciting and helpful.
  3. iFormulas:
    1. This app is one that has many different levels for children in all levels of math. Starting with the most basic algebra formulas it is designed to last students several years. Organized by subject and by the purpose of the equation students can find formulas for any class including calculus, physics or chemistry – and everything in between.
  4. Flashcards+
    1. Paper flashcards are a thing of the past for most students. This app works in tandem with other educational learning tools and allows students to download premade flashcard sets by subject, including a variety of AP courses. Users also have the ability to create original card sets in the app and add audio and images to each card.
  5. Luminosity
    1. Does your student need a break that doesn’t involve zoning out in front of the TV? Or maybe something to help pass the time during long car rides? Luminosity, a “brain training” app is full of fun games that improve focus, comprehension, memory and even speaking abilities. Stay sharp with some fun games that will have your whole family learning without realizing it!