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Achievement House Cyber Charter School

Achievement House Cyber Charter School (AHCCS) is proud to be an independent, nonprofit, public online school serving Pennsylvania students in grades 7-12. Our engaging education program enables students to achieve their full potential and reach their educational goals. Students use our custom-designed, web-based platform to access their live, virtual classes and interactive, online coursework. Our certified teachers develop and teach a robust curriculum that is personalized to meet each student’s academic needs and learning styles. Mentors, special education teachers and ELL specialists support student learning, which can take place in the safety of their home, at one of our Resource Centers, or anywhere an Internet connection is available. With the vital involvement of parents, Achievement House students have the best opportunity to succeed academically and prepare for their future.

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Parent Connect LIVE! Sessions

Parent Connect LIVE! meets. every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. Guest speakers inform and update parents and, when possible, the public on the latest need-to-know topics here at Achievement House.

What's Happening

Encouraged by Achievement House Cyber Charter School teachers, Victoria Fracica participated in Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week to help her decide between a pre-med or pre-law major in college. Achievement House Cyber Charter School student Victoria Fracica took real-life crash courses in her two [...]
After working together since 2010 to grow the school, Asplen will lead the school with Daniels as Chief Transition Officer. Achievement House Cyber Charter School Board of Trustees today announced that school Chief Information Officer (CIO) Don Asplen will become CEO of the cyber charter school on J[...]