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Honor Roll Student Sees Bright Future as Registered Nurse

Julia DeBald

At AHCCS, we believe every student deserves the opportunity to achieve their goals, pursue their interests, and thrive academically without limitations. We love to see our students succeed and always hope their future endeavors will be just as fruitful. 

Allyssa Johnson is one of many students from AHCCS who has successfully thrived in both her personal and academic goals.

After initially struggling in her Civics class at the beginning of the school year, Allyssa caught the attention of her teacher, Mr. Guy. He began working with her and getting to know her, soon realizing just how knowledgeable Allyssa was about governmental and societal issues. As the class and school year progressed, Allyssa began to excel in Mr. Guy's class and even became one of his highest performing students. 

During her Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting at the end of the school year, Allyssa mentioned that she never thought she would have the opportunity to go to college because of academic and financial reasons. She never pursued higher education as an option until her senior year after gaining support from AHCCS staff. Through her “Your Path to College and Transitions” course, she realized that going to college was a realistic possibility. Throughout this course, Allyssa was extremely focused and inspired her fellow peers as well as her teachers.

After completing “Your Path to College and Transitions,” Allyssa took steps towards finding a college program that was right for her and her interests. Because of her gratitude and humility, many AHCCS staff members believed Allyssa would make a great nurse and encouraged her to pursue a program. She was soon accepted into the program of her choice and will start school at Harrisburg Area Community College- Lancaster in the Fall. Her mentor, Mrs. Degannes, knows that she will impact the lives of her patients with patience, determination, and optimism!

Allyssa graduated from AHCCS on Saturday, June 16th. She completed her school year with straight A’s and is one of our scholarship winners this year. We look forward to hearing all about her future achievements, both academically and personally. Congratulations, Allyssa!